Managing the increasing needs of an aging population

Many General Practitioners are seeking ways to increase their practice capacity to manage the increasing needs of an aging population. Nurse-led GP assessment services provide an efficient way to conduct detailed over 75s and complex care assessments.

Our comprehensive health assessment service allows GPs to delegate tasks to our highly experienced Registered Nurses who have specialist training in aged care assessments. This preserves valuable GP time for elements of health assessments that require their medical expertise.

By conducting the assessments in your patient’s home, our professional and compassionate nurses are able to gauge how your patient is managing functionally as well as emotionally.

As part of our service our nurse can suggest information on local services and contacts relevant to your patient’s needs that you could include in your patient’s Care Plan.

Vitalis Health & Home Care is also able to provide full health system navigation and home care services tailored to your patient’s needs.

Contact us to discuss how our assessment team can assist your practice with your 75+ health assessments and complex care assessments.