Home care enables and empowers people to continue living independently in their own homes, even as they age or need to manage chronic health conditions. In fact over 90% of seniors express the desire to age at home. For most people, staying at home means they are better off from a health perspective as well as better off financially.

The reasoning is self-evident: if the home can be made a safe environment, it is the best option.

However, many people have this choice taken from them when they suffer a fall, forget to take their medications, or don’t recognise the signs of a chronic condition worsening.

1 in 4 Australian seniors are admitted to hospital every year, most often due to avoidable causes, and then suffer repeated hospitalisations as their condition deteriorates. While most seniors wish to age at home, unfortunately many are discharged from hospital into residential aged care. For the majority, the move becomes a permanent one.

Home care can help prevent avoidable hospitalisations by providing care at home before a crisis develops. Vitalis Health & Home Care offers an integrated model of care that cares for the whole person – medically, personally and socially – helping you and your family retain choices, enabling you to stay at home longer and enjoy a better quality of life.

Vitalis Health & Home Care also provides transitional hospital to home care, working with your medical team to help you recover and regain your abilities. This service includes carers to help with your everyday needs as well as high level clinical services and ‘Hospital in the Home‘.

So if you’re looking for exceptional Sydney in-home care services, don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • you and your family retain the choice about what services would help you remain safely in your home
  • you can maintain your independence and dignity at home and prevent or delay moving to residential care
  • comprehensive care management and early intervention reduces functional decline and results in fewer hospital admissions
  • primary carers who use coordinated home care services experience reduced carer burden and improved wellbeing
  • you and your family enjoy peace of mind, knowing your care is being overseen by a specialist team
  • having care at home can help delay or avoid the substantial upfront costs of moving into residential care

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