With advances in modern medicine, many seniors are leading full and active lives well into their 80s and 90s. Our companions make it possible for seniors to remain safely in their homes and maintain their independence with dignity.

Over 90% of older Australians prefer to continue living at home. With a little help to ensure you stay safe, independent, healthy and socially connected at home, you can minimise the risk of accidents and mental stress due to isolation and loneliness.

All companions are supervised by a Vitalis Health & Home Care nurse coordinator. Our companions are trained to detect and report any changes in condition to their coordinator to ensure care levels remain appropriate.

Vitalis Health & Home Care can also help you find the right assistive technologies to keep you safe and connected at home.

Our TLC Companions also provide extra care for people living in nursing homes. Nursing homes often have low staff to resident ratios and welcome our TLC companions to provide additional care for their residents.


  • providing socialisation, support and friendship
  • monitoring diet and helping plan and prepare meals
  • attending social events and accompanying you on walks
  • assisting with the care of a pet
  • light housekeeping such as ironing, laundry, watering plants
  • playing mind stimulating games
  • assisting with home organisation & errands
  • picking up prescriptions & providing medication reminders