When a patient is too unwell to be treated in the primary care setting, hospital is the usual next step. However for patients with a range of common medical conditions there is the option of ‘Hospital in the Home’. This service enables patients assessed as suitable for the service to be discharged earlier from hospital or avoid hospital altogether, receiving high-level clinical care at home.

For hospital referrals, clinical care can be directed by hospital specialists, the patient’s GP, or by our consulting HITH doctor.

Recovering at home rather than in hospital reduces the risk of adverse events such as cross-infection, as well as enhancing patient well-being and the speed of recovery by being in familiar surroundings.

Independent studies* conclude that HITH can achieve equivalent or better clinical outcomes at a lower cost than care provided in a hospital setting, with high patient and carer satisfaction. (* Caplan et al, ‘A Meta-Analysis of ‘Hospital in the Home’, Medical Journal of Australia 197(9): 512-9, 2012; see also: Deloitte Access Economics, ‘Economic Analysis of HITH’, 2011).

For community referrals, clinical care can be directed by you, or you can refer your patient to our consulting HITH doctor, with clinical services delivered by our highly skilled team of HITH nurses.

Our integrated team approach means high-level clinical care can be supplemented with skilled and compassionate carers to help with everyday needs.

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Vitalis Hospital in the Home (HITH) Brochure

Clinical treatments suitable for HITH include:

  • IV antibiotics for treatment of cellulitis, community acquired pneumonia, COPD, urinary tract and other common infections. Vitalis nurses can cannulate, or patients can be discharged with a PICC line in-situ.
  • VAC dressings and other complex wound management. Vitalis HITH staff include wound consultants who can manage highly complex wounds, including debridement.
  • Post operative drain care
  • Stoma care provided by Vitalis’ accredited stomal therapist
  • IV therapies including for DVTs, pulmonary embolisms and multiple sclerosis
  • Blood collection for pathology
  • Catheter care including routine changes of suprapubic catheters (SPCs) and indwelling catheters (IDCs)
  • Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) management

Please contact us for more information or to enquire about other treatments successfully managed by Vitalis HITH

Vitalis HITH is certified by ACHS and takes referrals from:

  • Hospitals

  • Specialists

  • GPs

  • Nursing homes

  • Private patients

Our staff include experienced palliative and end-of-life specialist nurses who work closely with a patient’s medical team to ensure high-level care is delivered in the comfort of your patient’s home.


  • shorter average duration of patient treatment
  • fewer complications (eg hospital acquired infection)
  • reduced incidence of delirium (as patients remain in familiar surroundings)
  • patients and their family members consistently report greater satisfaction and lower levels of stress
  • patients regain the ability to do usual tasks more quickly