Home care costs can sometimes be confusing and you may not know what subsidies or insurance benefits you are entitled to. Vitalis Health & Home Care will work with you to help manage your home care costs and create a plan that meets your individual needs.

Depending on your unique circumstances, the financial benefits of in-home care over residential care can be significant. Vitalis Health & Home Care works with a network of leading specialist aged care financial planners who can help you structure your finances to optimise your home care costs and strategy.

Private Payment

All clients are ultimately responsible for the costs of their home care services, whether or not there is reimbursement from other sources. A fortnightly invoice that details all services is sent electronically to the person responsible for payment.

We work with lawyers, trustees and guardians to ensure bills are kept accurate and manageable.

Government Subsidised Home Care Packages

Older Australians may be eligible for government subsidised ‘Home Care Packages’ that can be used for a range of products, services and care solutions to meet their needs.

Home Care Packages are income-tested, with people on higher incomes being asked to contribute more towards the cost of their Home Care Package, up to a maximum lifetime contribution.

To determine eligibility for a Home Care Package you need to be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to determine the appropriate level of support. ACAT assessments are arranged through www.myagedcare.gov.au.

Currently the government offers four package levels from 1-4 (4 being the highest level). Eligible recipients are placed in a prioritised waitlist (the ‘national queue’) until funding is allocated for their package. It some instances, eligible recipients may be offered an interim lower level package while they wait for funding to be allocated for their higher level package.

Once you receive notification that your package has been funded, you can then choose which organisation you wish to manage your funding and your care. It is important to make sure the organisation you choose can provide the quality of care you are looking for without charging hefty fees for doing so. Vitalis believes you shouldn’t be paying more than 10-15% of your total package in any sort of fees. If you’re being asked to do so please give us a call to compare what we can offer! Vitalis’ home care clients get the maximum number of subsidised hours of care per week possible.

Many Vitalis clients begin accessing private care while waiting for their home care package to be assigned, and continue ‘topping up’ their subsidised services with private care if the subsidy doesn’t quite cover all of the care they would prefer to receive. And for those clients who do not wish to engage with government funding at all, the option of privately funded care is always available.

If you have been allocated a package and are not sure what to do, or have any questions about how home care works, please contact us and we can help you navigate through the system and get the best outcome for your needs.