OVER the course of 15 months Sandy Prat­ten (pic­tured) saw six dif­fer­ent doc­tors for the ter­ri­ble burn­ing sen­sa­tion in her throat.

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None could di­ag­nose her prob­lem or of­fer any re­lief for the wors­en­ing symp­toms. “I saw a throat spe­cial­ist, then an ear spe­cial­ist and at one point I had root canal treat­ment and they said it was the re­sult of that,” she says, adding she lost her voice for sev­eral weeks.

On the ad­vice of a friend, she got in con­tact with the Med­i­cal Concierge and, af­ter out­lin­ing her symp­toms, they sug­gested she re­quest a re­fer­ral to one of Syd­ney’s lead­ing gas­troen­terol­o­gists.

“With all the other specialists I had to wait three months for an appointment but Marg Sacre was able to get me in sooner,” says Pratten.

The gastroenterologist immediately correctly diagnosed Pratten with a hiatus hernia, which was causing her reflux-like symptoms.

“I was given some pills and within two weeks was feeling much better,” she says.

She says the $200 fee for the Medical Concierge service was worth it.

“I’m 64 and I’ve never been sick much and then there I was seeing all these specialists who were all very expensive and who couldn’t help,” she says.

“I found out that my condition was precancerous so it was important to get the right treatment.”

Original article published in The Daily Telegraph (Sydney), August 10, 2015