Preparing for home care ensures both you and your loved ones receive the most from our services.

Prior to services commencing, Vitalis Health & Home Care recommends having your care coordinator and home care team meet with you and your family at home.

At this meeting, together we can:

  • familiarise ourselves with you and your home
  • review your detailed care plan and explain in detail any specific instructions you would like carried out by your home care team
  • run through your list of additional tasks that you expect of your carer (for example light housekeeping, cooking etc) and consider how much time will be required to complete those duties
  • create a personal emergency contact list, including who you want to be contacted in the event of an emergency, and place this by your phone
  • prepare a medication list, or gather together all your medications together so your Vitalis Health & Home Care care coordinator can prepare your medication list
  • advise us who has a spare set of house keys in case you can’t answer the door when your carer arrives
  • think about securing items of value in your home, as foot traffic in and out of your home will increase
  • approve the home safety assessment prepared by your Vitalis Health & Home Care care coordinator and your treating doctors and therapists
  • if you are receiving live-in or long duration home care, identify the appropriate location for your caregiver and where you would like them to place their belongings
  • review with your case manager what is off-limits in the house, whether it’s particular food, a set of dishes, or a private part of the house
  • review preferred communication methods to ensure your loved ones have peace of mind that you are being well cared for!